We come alongside you as you navigate living well with chronic illness. The design of our offerings is individualised, creating space for you to have agency over how you would like to engage with support. All Shiloh offerings are free. If you are interested in our offerings, please contact us

All our services are currently only available online, via phone or in-person focusing on the Auckland region. 

Please note that Shiloh is not a medical service, we cannot diagnose chronic health conditions or manage medications. We are able to support and offer advice on communication with medical practitioners  as part of our wellbeing sessions, if that is relevant to you. 


Wellbeing Groups


A space to explore the fullness of living with chronic illness in a group setting and facilitated by someone with lived experience. The wellbeing group sessions are collaborative, inviting you to engage in discussions around the human side of managing chronic illness, embracing how we are all individual and tuning into your own needs. The sessions will also include some offerings of creative expression. We will offer various ways to participate, so you can explore what resonates for you. This is a space to just be, so feel free to bring along blankets, cushions, sensory toys, or anything that helps you feel comfortable and cosy. Groups will meet weekly, please contact us if you are interested in joining a wellbeing group or for more information.


Professional Counselling


We have counsellors available to support you and your loved ones as you navigate the complexities of living with chronic illness. We endeavour to create a space where you are truly seen, feel heard and understood, we journey with you as you process and grieve. We bring our kete of knowledge and skills to help equip you to find your strengths, live by your values and live a meaningful life.


Wellbeing Sessions


We offer one on one sessions with a wellbeing facilitator that has lived experience of chronic illness. These sessions are shaped and led by what is helpful and important to you. Self-management of chronic illness can be difficult and isolating to navigate on your own. The sessions could explore concepts of pain management, rest and pacing, and ways to adapt things so you can access more joy, pleasure, and ease


Expressions of Interest


Would you be interested in some social meet ups or relaxed creative workshops? These offerings would be accessible, relaxed and adapted to your needs.

  • Regular social group/support group
  • Book club/meetup
  • Movie/TV meetup
  • Video game meetup
  • Board game group
  • Creative writing workshop
  • Photography workshop
  • Art journaling group
  • Mindfulness group

Please contact us and let us know