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Our Legacy


Over fifty years ago Shiloh began through the vision of Donald and Joyce Dunn and a small group of supporters, and became a church where all were welcome. Over its history, people from all walks of life and cultures have experienced community, wholeness, and healing through their connection to Shiloh. The original congregation moved on many years ago, and since then Shiloh has been operating as a Charitable Trust. The Shiloh Trust Board has become aware of the need for a holistic support service for people who experience chronic illness and are looking forward to seeing Shiloh’s legacy continue into the future.


Our Vision


Our vision for Shiloh is to support the wellbeing of people living with chronic illness from a lived experience lens.

These types of conditions can be incredibly isolating and there is limited understanding from the medical system. People often experience symptoms for years or decades before receiving a diagnosis. The burden of management falls to the individual and this mental load can be significant.

For many people living with chronic illness, so much of their energy goes toward just trying to get through, survive and cope. This can create a disconnect from the emotionality of their experience. We hope to provide a space for people to centre themselves in their journey and feel safe to express the complexity of what they live with, without fear of being disbelieved or questioned. People living with chronic illness often need to co-ordinate their own support and care across multiple systems, which is exhausting. For many, these services also come at a significant financial cost. We want to ensure all our service provision are accessible, so our offerings are free.

We recognise the systemic barriers people living with chronic illness face within society. Shiloh upholds the rights model of disability, and we work with an awareness of the intersections of marginalisation. Many people living with these conditions have spent a lot of time in clinical environments and experienced feeling medicalised. It is important to us that people feel seen in their fullness, as human beings, not just as a body, or something to be ‘fixed.’ Our approach is strength based, trauma-informed, and mind-body centred.


Our People

Sarah Jacobson

Counsellor & Service Manager


I am a qualified counsellor who has three young adult children with EDS, as well as experiencing chronic pain for a number of years myself. Counselling is my second career, I was as an ECE teacher and also worked with children with special needs. I have travelled and lived overseas, I enjoy working with people from different cultures and ethnicities.

I have a warm, relaxed and genuine approach, I provide a safe non-judgemental space to process your concerns at your own pace. I work collaboratively with you and support you in developing effective ways of coping. My desire is to guide and support you to achieve your goals and live a meaningful life.

In my spare time I enjoy walking in nature, swimming in the sea, exploring new places and reading.


Amelia Jacobson

Wellbeing Facilitator & Development Manager


I have come from a creative background with training in acting, screenwriting and directing. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and have also experienced POTS and post-viral illness. Through my own lived experience, I have developed a depth of knowledge and understanding of managing chronic illness. I am passionate about creating space for people to express what often feels inexpressible in living with invisible and long-term illness. I also have a strong interest in advocacy and utilising my creative skills to impact systemic change for the rights of disabled people. Outside of Shiloh, I love to watch films, read, catch up with friends and swim in the ocean.




Shiloh has been operating as a Charitable Trust since July 2010 with the primary function now as a chronic illness support service. The service is governed by a board of trustees who offer a range of skills and support and meet on a regular basis.




Shiloh Fellowship Trust Board is a registred charitable trust with Charities Services with registration number CC44710.
Our NZBN is 9429042745402.
Our GST Number is 014-014-594.